T.H.E. Company Headhunters

The Search Process

How It Works


An initial discovery meeting is scheduled in order to achieve the following:


The Search

Through intelligent networking and sourcing, we identify a large, targeted universe of candidates. We conduct in-depth telephone interviews to determine initial fit for the position. Throughout the process we report progress frequently to the client. Likely prospects are interviewed and evaluated on the basis of experience and potential cultural fit with the client organization. Once a “short-list” of suitable candidates is compiled, resumes and assessments are prepared. These address both personal characteristics and professional skills including:


Post Activities

We continue to follow up with the client and candidate after the first day of employment. At T.H.E. Company Inc., we believe each search is part of an ongoing value-added relationship with our clients. We carefully document each client project with an eye toward leveraging our knowledge, technology, and contacts to form an effective base for serving a client in the future.

We never fail

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